Re: [rp-ml] Am I dreaming?

From: Rachel Park <>
Date: Tue Jun 06 2006 - 21:15:17 EEST

Dear All

"It's all in a name..."

I don't think the actual definition is the problem any longer.....I
think there is a (growing) universal acceptance that the additive
technologies are the way to go for forward thinking manufacturers, and
the industry knows it. The problem seems to be in what to call
it.....and a global acceptance/use of a universal term.

On the US side of the pond 'additive fabrication' is definitely winning
out, with "fabbers" as the colloquial term. Over on this side of the
pond, the favoured generic term for Loughborough and TCT magazine/event
is Rapid Manufacturing, which follows the RapidX tradition. I have been
party to many a debate on what it should be called — some are generic
terms and some have been patented:

Additive Fabrication (Fabbers)
Rapid Manufacturing (RM)
Freeform Fabrication (FF)
Additive Manufacturing
Direct Manufacturing
Freeform Manufacuring (FFM - sounds like a radio station?).

At this stage in the game, when discussing these technologies and
associated issues outside of our industry you usually have to explain
exactly what you mean by the term you choose, I do however foresee a
day when a name will stick and everyone will know what you are talking

Regards, Rachel

On 6 Jun 2006, at 14:37, Timothy J Gornet wrote:

> Marshall and all,
> The change actually happened over a year ago. I remember Terry
> discussing the name change at his SME presentation in may 2005 if I
> remember correctly. In addition, the SME group is now called RTAM for
> Rapid Technologies and Additive Manufacturing.
> Thanks,
> Tim
> Tim Gornet Manager, RP Operations
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> Rapid Prototyping Center
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>>>> "Baran M. Dag" <> 6/6/2006 7:51:03 AM >>>
> been a watcher for a long time, this is my first message to the group.
> hello and thanks to everyone for this great list ...
> i am so excited!!!
> is it finally the day, that we are defining our "rapid" world?
> is our world of rapid technologies evolving so fast and we already
> took the
> next step without even knowing it!
> pleasure ...
> Baran M. Dag
> 3ileri - 3forward
> On 6/6/06, Andrea Reinhardt <> wrote:
>> additive fabrication = (incl. rapid manufacturing, rapid prototyping
>> a.s.o
>> )
>> additive fabrication > rapid prototyping
>> or no precise definition at all?
>> Best regards
>> Andrea
>> RM since 1996
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>> Betreff: [rp-ml] Am I dreaming?
>> Am I dreaming, or did I just get an e-mail from Terry Wohlers that
>> says
>> "additive fabrication (also known as rapid prototyping)"? Does this
>> mean
>> the
>> digital fabrication industry is finally outgrowing the constraining RP
>> moniker?
>> Marshall Burns
Rachel Park

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