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From: Charles Overy <>
Date: Wed Jun 07 2006 - 00:44:21 EEST

>the way to go for forward thinking manufacturers

Remember though that these technologies are gaining considerable leverage
outside of the manufacturing environment.

In these newer markets it is still not clear to most what the definitions
are, and what they refer to. In my presentations I have made a conscious
effort to use consistent terminology: "Additive Fabrication" for the
overall class of technology, "3d printing" to discuss the use of relatively
low cost machines making models (in our case architectural models) for
visualization only, and "rapid modeling" to denmote the blended use of AF
and other technologies to provide physical maquettes in very reduced lead
times using 3d virtual data sets. I try to use Rapid Prototyping to refer
to the use of AF by industrial and mechanical design. My use of "3d
printing" as a generic to include AF technologies by several vendors is not
consistent with the historical use of that term to describe the technology
developed at MIT and licensed to various vendors including Z Corporation.
Here again, I have tried favor what makes sense to a new audience. Z
Corporation has never complained! Freeform Fabrication seems the only other
term that is somewhat appropriate for the architectural community. Probably
good for artistic endevours and only modestly bad for the general public...
Other thoughts?

Terminology is becoming increasingly relevant in new markets as we attempt
to clearly communicate product offerings, both service bureaus and


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Dear All

"It's all in a name..."

I don't think the actual definition is the problem any longer.....I think
there is a (growing) universal acceptance that the additive technologies are
the way to go for forward thinking manufacturers, and the industry knows it.
The problem seems to be in what to call it.....and a global acceptance/use
of a universal term.

On the US side of the pond 'additive fabrication' is definitely winning out,
with "fabbers" as the colloquial term. Over on this side of the pond, the
favoured generic term for Loughborough and TCT magazine/event is Rapid
Manufacturing, which follows the RapidX tradition. I have been party to many
a debate on what it should be called — some are generic terms and some have
been patented:

Additive Fabrication (Fabbers)
Rapid Manufacturing (RM)
Freeform Fabrication (FF)
Additive Manufacturing
Direct Manufacturing
Freeform Manufacuring (FFM - sounds like a radio station?).

At this stage in the game, when discussing these technologies and associated
issues outside of our industry you usually have to explain exactly what you
mean by the term you choose, I do however foresee a day when a name will
stick and everyone will know what you are talking about!

Regards, Rachel

On 6 Jun 2006, at 14:37, Timothy J Gornet wrote:

Marshall and all,

The change actually happened over a year ago. I remember Terry discussing
the name change at his SME presentation in may 2005 if I remember correctly.
In addition, the SME group is now called RTAM for Rapid Technologies and
Additive Manufacturing.


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"Baran M. Dag" <> 6/6/2006 7:51:03 AM >>>

been a watcher for a long time, this is my first message to the group.

hello and thanks to everyone for this great list ...

i am so excited!!!

is it finally the day, that we are defining our "rapid" world?
is our world of rapid technologies evolving so fast and we already took the
next step without even knowing it!

pleasure ...

Baran M. Dag
3ileri - 3forward

On 6/6/06, Andrea Reinhardt <> wrote:

additive fabrication = (incl. rapid manufacturing, rapid prototyping a.s.o
additive fabrication > rapid prototyping
or no precise definition at all?

Best regards
RM since 1996

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Am I dreaming, or did I just get an e-mail from Terry Wohlers that says
"additive fabrication (also known as rapid prototyping)"? Does this mean
digital fabrication industry is finally outgrowing the constraining RP

Marshall Burns

Rachel Park
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