Re: [rp-ml] Am I dreaming?

From: steve <>
Date: Wed Jun 07 2006 - 05:52:22 EEST

Ian Gibson wrote:
> Marshall
> My recollection is that Terry considered this to be a stop-gap whilst
> the public get used to the term "3D Printing".
> "Additive Fabrication" was considered to be more descriptive, but not
> very catchy.

I think the terms have different applicability.

3D printing really covers any kind of technology where you design
something on the computer - hit a key and some time later the finished
gizmo pops out of a machine with more or less no human intervention.

Additive fabrication refers to one possibly technology that could
be used to implement a 3D printer. It's conceivably that a subtractive
technology could be used to do the same job - but it would still be
a 3D printer.
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