Re: [rp-ml] Burning out PIC 100 resin of Envisiontec

From: Stanley Lechtzin <>
Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 00:16:49 EEST

Hello Laura -

We have run some preliminary tests on this
material for investment casting. We have used the
investment that we normally use for wax models
and the burnout cycle was identical to what we
use for wax burnout. The models were cast in
sterling silver by a few of my students. I was
not present during the melting and casting of the
metal. From a review of the results, I conclude
that there are some problems which may be due to
the fact that the models were built hollow and
that there may still be a problem with expansion
of the PIC 100 material during burnout which
causes some spalling of the mold cavity.

We will continue to run test next Fall when we return to school.

- Stanley

At 06:50 AM 6/7/2006, you wrote:

>Dear list,
>we have done some trials with this resin with very good results, do you have
>any experience about burning out this resin for jewellery?
>Thank you
>Laura Castillo
>Unidad de Ingeniería de Producto
>Parque Tecnológico, Avda. Leonardo Da Vinci, 38
>Tel. +34 - Fax +34
> -

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