RE: [rp-ml] Am I dreaming?

From: Jason Barkla <>
Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 06:51:48 EEST

Hi All,

First time mailing to the list but couldn't resist this thread:

How about 3Ding? Pronounced "threeding", or to "threed". Substitute for
"fax" or "faxing" where appropriate.

"Hey Bob, wanna threed me that concept?"

"Hi darl, your son has just broken his new toy car but don't worry,
B.M.V.W. is threeding through their latest Mini-Kombi. He's in the
lounge watching it grow as we speak"

Might come across as cheesy to some but I think it has legs, remember
you read it here first! Think it's about as simple as it can get.

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Thank you Adrian

    I love learning new words.

1. Said of sounds, speech, etc: having a smooth sweet flowing quality.

Thesaurus: resonant, melodious, musical, euphonious, honeyed, mellow,
smooth, soothing, sweet; Antonym: discordant, harsh.

Mike Ervin

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> This recurrent debate, though mildly entertaining, is entirely
> pointless. It is predicated on the false assumption that a rather
> small group of people can decide what the word for something should
> be. As any philologist will tell you, that is simply not how language

> evolves. Sure, we can chuck terms into the mix, but what finally gets

> used will be decided by journalists, other writers and - when the
> technology becomes ubiquitous - the general public. And they will
> make that decision entirely on the basis of ease-of-pronunciation,
> brevity, and euphony. Technical considerations will be completely
> irrelevant.
> If we _do_ want to try to nudge this process (and I can't quite see
> why we care), we should choose a single short word that is unused for
> anything else purely on the basis of its mellifluousness.
> Yours
> Adrian Bowyer
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