RE: [rp-ml] Zarqawi's Head as an STL File

From: Marshall Burns <>
Date: Fri Jun 09 2006 - 18:18:41 EEST


My initial, immediate reaction to this offer was a kind of glee at its
originality in the application of digital technology. Then I was quickly
overcome with shock and horror at the morbidity and tastelessness of the
thought of generating digital scalps, a modernization of medieval brutality,
perhaps a new field of technology called digital terrorism.


What a stark contrast to the Valentine's heart you shared with us several
years ago.


No, thank you, Mr. REL. I decline your kind and gruesome offer.


Marshall Burns <>







From: [] On Behalf
Sent: Friday, June 09, 2006 07:31
Subject: [rp-ml] Zarqawi's Head as an STL File


Anyone on this list who would like a free copy of Zarqawi's head as an STL
file can get one for free by responding offline.


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