Re: [rp-ml] Super Large RP or AF

From: John Brock <>
Date: Sun Jun 11 2006 - 01:20:02 EEST

Hi Bo:
    For big stuff, think "subtractive" instead of "additive" RP. Your
model can be milled in slabs from 20# foam on a large gantry mill.
The sections can be pinned together, then lost detail re-carved, then
filled and sealed with Bondo and primer. This big model can be used
as a plug to make a mould. Then using the mould you can lay up as
many as you need in Fiberglass. This is how Disney Imagineering gets
25' tall fiberglass Mickeys, etc.

John Brock

> Thanks good people, I really appreciated the update on capabilities
> of rp
> today... I must say I'm surprised no one seems headed in the
> direction of
> trade off towards low cost rp with low accuracy... Not that it is
> easy. For
> the price of a life size, high detail foam bovine, it seems I
> actually built
> a giant 60 ft or 20m snapping turtle with a garden inside: http://
> . I'd still love to get work
> on a
> derrick supported rp system using concrete. I think much more must
> be
> possible at a dollar per pound or a euro for a kilo range, at least
> by use of
> fire-wire cameras with renaissance-ciaro-scuro methods and concrete
> batcher,
> which i kind of used on the turtle... Turtle is mostly soils and
> less 1$ US
> per kilo when you subtract associated landscaping and 60+ meter
> wetland I
> personally dug and leveled for them with a mini excavator.)
> Bo
> Atkinson
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