RE: [rp-ml] Burning out PIC 100 resin of Envisiontec

From: Steven Adler \(A3DM\) <>
Date: Sun Jun 11 2006 - 04:26:43 EEST

Laura and List

We have seen improvements over the past year in the development of this
photopolymer resin for investment casting.

Given some extra attention to the process in investment selection,
preparation, burnout and casting process it is possible to achieve good
results for Au and Ag jewelry patterns. Unfortunately, we have seen Pt
and Pd casting reactions that are still problematic using phosphate
bonded investments . Also product geometry still seems to be a big
variable with larger objects somewhat less likely to be successful in
all metals.

We expect to see improvements in process refinement as these machines
are implemented into the manufacturing process for jewelry where we
focus our research

For more information on casting of other photopolymers link to ......

Steven Adler
Automated 3D Modeling Inc ( A3DM )

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Dear list,

we have done some trials with this resin with very good results, do you
have any experience about burning out this resin for jewellery? Thank

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