[rp-ml] STL Round off errors

From: Liam MacGinley <rapiditup_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Jun 12 2006 - 10:56:29 EEST

Hi there
  I have an STL question thats related to round off errors that occur in typical STL files.
  I have come across a number of papers which state that if two or more
vertices are within some tolerance error value of each other then they
can be grouped together effectively removing the round off error.
  My question is how do they come up with a value for this tolerance
error? It would seem that if the value was too small then you may not
remove all the round off errors. However if the value was too large then
you could be removing vertices from the model that should not be
Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.
Liam MacGinley
The University of Dublin

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