RE: [rp-ml] RPML down due to a power failure...

From: Charles Overy <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 2006 - 21:01:25 EEST

Happy to order a UPS and have it shipped directly to whatever location he
would like. If he a big one, yes, I am sure we can spread the cost. Not
a big deal. There are many on the list who have offered to help in the past
and will continue to be willing to do so.


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  Hello Folks:

  The RPML has been down for about a week or more due to a power failure.

  Seppo and Hannu have sprung into action and rebooted the machine. But the
problem remains that if power goes out while Seppo is on vacation (which he
just did), we're screwed. Apparently no one else is available to push the

  It may be that re-locating the machine is the best solution, especially if
it can be nearer to one of them, but they say it will be staying put for a

  Another possibility is to provide some sort UPS for it. Perhaps someone
on the list has a piece of equipment they can donate, or maybe the members
will contribute to the purchase price. Of course, even a UPS will do no
good if the power is down for extended periods.

  Anyway, it's a problem - and this is to let you know what's been happening
and to test the list.


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