Re: [rp-ml] SLA-250/40 and SLA-250/50 spec. sheets?

From: Timothy J Gornet <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 2006 - 23:13:25 EEST


Will fax it now. I have squirrelled away most all of the old 3D and DTM
marketing stuff and still have it, even from my SLA250-30. I even have
the marketing materials for the SLA-190. Any of those still out there?

While searching I even found brochures for the Quadrax Laser Modeling
System, Helisys LOM 1015, Stratasys 3D Modeler, D-Mec System (in
Japanese), Cubital Solid Ground Curing, Original DTM SLS 2000, DuPont
Solid Imaging System, the 1988 charter for the SLA User's Group, and the
minutes from the 89 SLA User's group. I think I have the hand written
ones from the 88 User's Group in Orlando somewhere.

Oh well, just a bit of a history trip as I was sorting through my paper
packed fire hazard of an office.


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>>> "Steve Stewart" <> 6/21/2006 12:57 PM >>>
Hello, all -
We are going to be moving to a new facility, and the governmental
powers-that-be are demanding machine specifications for all equipment
have. I've managed to find old spec. sheets for our 350, 500, Viper,
and 5000, but cannot find them for our SLA-250/40's and 250/50's.
Anybody got any ideas for links or places to look? Or, do you have
on paper that you could fax?
Thanks in advance,
Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart
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