RE: [rp-ml] EOS machines in the US (or North America)

From: Scott Tilton <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 2006 - 18:01:44 EEST

Thanks Steve for offering up an opinion / testimony.


I greatly appreciate it.


I'm curious to know if anyone out there has firsthand experience with
both EOS and 3D (DTM) plastic sintering machines.


I'm sure we could probably get some people to throw in their two cents
on the pros and cons of each system / manufacturer, (and by all means -
please do!) but someone who has been at the helm of both would have a
unique perspective.



Thanks to all in advance.


Scott Tilton



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Hello, all -


Our sales guys says that EOS has 35 machines on order or installed in
the U.S. give or take a couple. Last week they received orders for 2
P700s, so they think the number of plastic machines compared to metal
machines is fairly even. They are far exceeding our forecast for the


Protogenic purchased our P385 in August 2005. We have been VERY pleased
with the performance and the service, especially since EOS North America
is such a comparatively young organization. We started with PA2200 and
are now using PrimePart Nylon, which allows a greater refresh rate. Of
course, the automated mixing is absolutely superb! I can't imagine
what it must be like to deal with a cement mixer and buckets of loose
powder. As I have said before, these machines are designed as
production equipment, not prototypers.


Best regards,


Steve Stewart


Steve Stewart
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Subject: [rp-ml] EOS machines in the US (or North America)

Here's toss up question for the list:


How many EOS SLS machines are operating in the US (or North America)


I guess since they have different machines for different materials - I
should refine my query to include how many, and of what type?



Thanks in advance.


Scott Tilton

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