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Date: Wed Jun 28 2006 - 19:55:00 EEST

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  Hello Laura, hello Stanley,
 Direct investment cast can indeed be used to turn any RP part into a piece of metal. For this the RP pattern is embedded directly into ceramic moulds, where it is then completely burned off, resulting in a mould cavity to be filled by the molten metal.
With the unique JUMA “Blackrohr” Rapid Burnout System the burn out protocol for any RP material no longer has to be long and using high temperatures:
The award-winning JUMA “Blackrohr” Rapid Burnout System (honoured by an EuroMold 2001 and several other awards for excellent innovation) is a furnace accessory that effectively provides complete, smokeless and odourless combustion of patterns made of prototype materials at significantly reduced temperatures of about 250 centigrades (480°F). With wax/thermal polymers it’s even lower and shorter.
The method enables all common 3D RP patterns from photopolymer resins (SLA/STL), thermal polymers (wax), elastomeric polymers, acrylic photopolymers, LOM laminates, thermoplastics, ABS, EPS expandable polystyrene (Styropor), PA polyamide (Nylon), PC polycarbonate, PMMA polymethylmethacrylate, PPSU polyphenylsulfone, PS polystyrene (SLS), PVC polyvinylchloride, and even wax- or epoxy-infiltrated starch- und cellulose-powder used on 3D-printers to be embedded directly into plaster-, ceramic- or sand-moulds for the lost pattern investment casting of metal parts and then completely burned out, or fused, at low tempera­ture around 250 centigrades without residue, smoke or harmful fume.
With the JUMA RBS also difficult to burn RP materials have already been successfully burned off without any residue or remaining ash in the mould, e.g. patterns provided by Envisiontec’s Perfactory, by the Eden system from Objet Geometries, by the Viper from 3D-Systems, by the 3D Printers from Zcorp., and others.
Kind regards from the country of the Soccer World Cup 2006
 Peter Hagen
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  "Stanley Lechtzin" <> schrieb: Hello Laura -

We have run some preliminary tests on this material for investment casting. We have used the investment that we normally use for wax models and the burnout cycle was identical to what we use for wax burnout. The models were cast in sterling silver by a few of my students. I was not present during the melting and casting of the metal. From a review of the results, I conclude that there are some problems which may be due to the fact that the models were built hollow and that there may still be a problem with expansion of the PIC 100 material during burnout which causes some spalling of the mold cavity.

We will continue to run test next Fall when we return to school.

- Stanley

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Dear list,

we have done some trials with this resin with very good results, do you have
any experience about burning out this resin for jewellery?
Thank you

Laura Castillo
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Parque Tecnológico, Avda. Leonardo Da Vinci, 38
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