[rp-ml] SLS vs SL for small part / small feature capability / accuracy.

From: Scott Tilton <stilton_at_protoprod.com>
Date: Wed Jul 12 2006 - 01:44:05 EEST

Hi all,


Thanks for the past input I got regarding different plastic sintering
systems from 3D and EOS.


Sorry to beat a dead horse - but I'm still looking for more opinions.


I've heard one claim that the DTM / 3D SLS system was better for
accurately producing small parts or small features.

Possibly due to a smaller spot size?


Is this marketing hype?

Does anyone have a different opinion or experience?


Perhaps some RP-ML'ers over in Europe might know better.

They've had access to both manufacturers for a while longer than us


Thanks in advance.



Scott Tilton

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