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Date: Wed Jul 12 2006 - 19:29:14 EEST

Hi Folks:
Thought many of you would have interest in this solicitation rec'd from
DARPA yesterday:

DARPA has released the following BAA [Broad Agency Announcement}. Please
pass along information to any potential bidders.
Full Proposals Due 1600 ET, October 19, 2006
FedBizOpps Reference: _http://www.darpa.mil/baa/baa06-34.htm_
Proposer Information Pamphlet:
The Teaming website for this BAA can be found at:
_http://www.sainc.com/DMTTeaming_ (http://www.sainc.com/DMTTeaming)
>From the web-site, here are some areas of interest:

Raw Materials:
Approaches for significantly reducing the cost of raw materials especially
through a radical change in the process that changes the cost paradigm.
Approaches for rapidly defining and producing production quality tooling or
approaches for completely eliminating tooling.
Part Manufacturing:
Approaches that reduce the cost of manufacturing, such as technologies for
fabrication of composite parts without the need for an autoclave or
near-net-shaped metallurgical fabrication of a high value metal such as titanium.
Precision Assembly:
Approaches that reduced the cost of producing precise finished parts. For
example, improving the weldability of metals such as titanium, or production of
alignment jigs and gages.
Manufacturing Equipment:
Approaches to (1) significantly reduce the cost of capital equipment and
therefore the total cost of parts made in small lot sizes, or (2) significantly
increasing the uniformity and repeatability of production...
Photonics: ...
Software Producibility: ...
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