[rp-ml] Missing Layers on SLS builds

From: Scott Tilton <stilton_at_protoprod.com>
Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 18:38:28 EEST

Hi everyone,


I can't help but wonder how widespread or frequent an issue is that we
have with our SLS machine every so often.


The issue is that for some undetermined reason, the machine will just
decide to skip a fill scan on a few layers for a few of the parts in the


Admittedly - I haven't really investigated the issue thoroughly.

Excuses I've heard are "Bad STL file" or "you need updated software."


Both of which could be true.

But then again - A couple of times I've looked and I can't find anything
wrong with the STL file.


Our remedy has been to move the part, or rotate it a little bit in the
build and then all the problems go away mysteriously.


Kind of reminds me of when a CAD program is trying to figure out some
requested fillet commands or having to deal with some near tangencies
and just chokes on them.


So anyway - as I said - I was wondering how often anyone else sees this


For our part - it is pretty rare.

Rare enough that that we don't even bother to run the preview report
(older DTM/3D systems Build Setup program) which will show the missing
fills or skipped layers.


Yeah I know - seems pretty dumb of me - "Why not just use the tool that
will tell you if there are going to be problems Scott?"

As I said - it happens pretty rarely here. (once or twice a year maybe)

The other excuse is that we are "too busy" to wait for that report to
run. (others might claim "too lazy")


Okay - I'm done typing.


Please feel free to add your two cents to this topic.


Thanks in advance.


Scott Tilton

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