RE: [rp-ml] Are you looking to move up?

From: Gary D. Mitchell <>
Date: Fri Jul 28 2006 - 00:18:09 EEST

Are you planning on handling the $50K salary the same way that you take care of your suppliers and vendors? If so I feel for the guy that get the "MUCH MORE" part of this deal..

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    Prototech Engineering Inc. is pleased to announce that we are expanding our sales force! We are looking for an outside salesperson with knowledge in all fields of Rapid Prototyping / Rapid Manufacturing. Salary plus commissions starting at $50K. Auto allowance, health benefits, 401(k) and much more. Please provide a resume to the attention of :

    Kevin Kennedy
    Prototech Engineering Inc.
    411 Rockwell Ct.
    Burr Ridge, IL. 60527


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