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Follow the link: http://labs.live.com/photosynth/default.html and
see what else Microsoft is cooking up as far as 3D and use of pictures to
make models. Click on "video" to see a small demo.



Jay Waldon





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Interesting. I had not heard about the Microsoft project either although
there have been some papers suggesting this technology for several years at
Siggraph. The article on the Microsoft work said it was supposed to be
announced at SIGGRAPH. If it was, I did not notice it. Microsoft had a
booth but they appeared to be demonstrating Vista. Did anyone else see the
MS project?




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Interesting, meshes pictures you take into a 3D image.




August 01, 2006, 7:56 PM PDT

Picture Cloud: poor-man's 3D photo rendering
Posted by: Rafe

loud-1154487469856-440_330.jpg')> Picture Cloud

Go to picturecloud.com to see this in faux 3D
[+] Enlarge
loud-1154487469856-440_330.jpg')> photo

While you wait for Microsoft to release its gabillion-dollar 3D photo
<http://news.com.com/2061-10805_3-6100414.html> research project,
Photosynth, you might want to check out the one-person project,
<http://www.picturecloud.com/> Picture Cloud. Photosynth will attempt to
place all photos into a global context so that you can fly through them.
Picture Cloud just uses pictures you've taken while walking around an object
and mashes them together into kind of a poor man's QuickTime spinning view
of an object.

It's a cool service for showing off things you're trying to sell, such as
cars or clothes. Picture Cloud images look very easy to create--you just
drag your images into the site. However, the service doesn't yet do any
smart image processing. So if you take your walkaround shots out of order,
you'll ruin the illusion.

There's a free version of the service as well as a paid option that gives
you more resolution and longer storage life.

Seen at: New Tech Meetup <http://upcoming.org/event/94452/>


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