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Date: Tue Aug 08 2006 - 14:39:05 EEST

  Our 500v is very reliable and easy to operate however, the cost to operate the Poly Jet machine has worked out to be much more expensive compared to SLA or SLS. The material cost alone is 2.5 - 3x of SL resin and the machine tends to waste 25%-40% during builds. If you can afford the parts that come off the machine it does build some sweet parts.
  Jason Dickman

"Bruce E. LeMaster" <> wrote: Jack,

I expressed concern about the current conflict between Israel and Lebanon to
the Objet folks a few weeks back and was assured that there would be no
negative impact to service or supplies - so far that has been true.

We took delivery of our Eden 500V at the end of 2005 and have had great
success with it. While the software is a bit cumbersome the hardware has
been flawless. We're told that a new software version is on the way and
that it will be a great improvement over the first. We're looking forward
to that!

Stratasys has been very responsive to our questions and concerns over the
past 7 months. I've been pleased with there customer support although they
do need to get someone to answer their phones instead of forcing you to
leave a message anytime you want to order supplies.

That's my 2 cents.


Bruce E. LeMaster

Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation
1130 International Parkway, Suite 127
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406
(540)286-2266 / (540)286-5252 fax

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Is the strife between Israel and Lebanon affecting any of the Objet
production of systems or supplies?

What is the reliability record of the Objet machines sold by Stratasys?


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I'm surprised since just the other day we got a fancy marketing
from Stratasys for the Eden line of stuff.

Anyone else get
the package with the title "Makes other 3D Technologies
seem so

Guess they better get their return on investment for that
little package
pretty quickly.

Scott Tilton

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Objet Edens
> I know this only affects the North American market,
but is anyone
> else surprised to hear this? Really puts a crimp in my

> -------------
> Stratasys Transitioning Out Of Eden Product
Distribution Next Year
MINNEAPOLIS-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Aug. 1, 2006- Stratasys,
> today announced
> it will discontinue the sale
of Eden products on January 1, 2007.
> Stratasys intends to sell Eden
products for the remainder of 2006, and
> will conduct maintenance until
August of 2007 on the systems it has
> installed, ensuring a seamless
transition for its customers. Objet
> Geometries will assume full
responsibility for Eden sales beginning in
> 2007. The Eden product line
is currently distributed by Stratasys for
> Objet Geometries, based in
> "After evaluating our options to maintain the Eden
product line within
> our family of high-end productivity systems, we
have concluded that
> best option is to discontinue the
distribution of the product line
> beginning in 2007," said Scott Crump,
chairman and chief executive
> officer of Stratasys. "This action is
based on strategic and financial
> considerations."

> "Our intention is to provide a smooth transition for our
> going forward, we will focus our efforts on the many
> opportunities presented by our proprietary fused deposition
> technology. This will include new products targeting 3D
> traditional rapid prototyping, and the emerging market for
> manufacturing," Crump concluded.
> Stratasys Inc.,
Minneapolis, manufactures office-based rapid
> and
manufacturing systems and 3D printers; and offers rapid
and manufacturing parts services. According to Wohlers Report 2006,
Stratasys supplied 34 percent of all systems installed worldwide in
2005, making it the unit market leader, for the fourth
> Stratasys patented the rapid prototyping process
known as fused
> deposition modeling (FDM). The process creates
functional models
> directly from any 3D CAD program using ABS plastic,
polycarbonate, and
> PPSF. The company holds 175 granted or pending rapid
> globally. Stratasys products are used in the
aerospace, defense,
> automotive, medical, education, electronic, and
consumer product
> industries. The company's systems are also used for
> and rapid tooling applications. Stratasys and
FDM are registered
> trademarks of Stratasys, Inc. Objet and PolyJet are
trademarks of
> Geometries Ltd., and may be registered in
certain jurisdictions. For
> more information on the company, go to;
>; or
> Forward Looking Statement
All statements herein that are not historical facts or that
> words as "expects", "anticipates", "projects",
"estimates" or
> or similar words are forward-looking
statements that we deem to be
> covered by and to qualify for the safe
protection covered by
> Private Securities Litigation Reform Act
of 1995. Our belief that we
> have the largest part-building service
claim is based on the number of
> dedicated machines. Except for the
historical information herein, the
> matters discussed in this news
release are forward-looking statements
> that involve risks and
uncertainties; these include the continued
> acceptance and
growth of our Dimension(TM) line, Prodigy Plus, FDM
> Maxum(TM), FDM
Vantage(TM), and Titan(TM) product lines; the size of
> 3D
printing market; our ability to penetrate the 3D printing
> ability to maintain the growth rates experienced in this
and preceding
> quarters; our ability to introduce and market new
materials such as
> PC-ABS and the market acceptance of this and other
materials; the
> of competitive products and pricing; the
timely development and
> acceptance of new products and materials;
our ability to effectively
> profitably market and distribute the
Eden polyjet line and the Arcam
> product line; the success of our recent
R&D initiative to expand the
> rapid manufacturing capabilities of our
core FDM technology; the
> of our RedEyeRPM(TM) and other
parts services; and the other risks
> detailed from time to time in our
SEC Reports, including the annual
> report on Form 10-K for the year
ended December 31, 2005 and 10-Q
> throughout 2006.
This release is also available on the Stratasys Web site at
> --
> Doug Mitchell
> Ford Motor
Company Design
> Components & Scheduling Dept.


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