Fwd: [rp-ml] STL files - to Iran

From: Baran M. Dag <anatolian79_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue Aug 15 2006 - 00:13:57 EEST

I personally do not enjoy political discussions in this mail group since we
are here for the love of the technology not the politics.In addition there
are numerous sources where you can download free stl of technical parts.

Just to give an example http://www.b3dscann.com/samples.htm from this
address you can download stl of a manifold. It is the web site for a 3D
scanner manufacturer. There are many more sources like this on the internet.

"Say no to war"

Baran M Dag
3ileri - 3forward

On 8/14/06, sachs@pipeline.com <sachs@pipeline.com> wrote:
> Hopefully you were just joking around? Kind of bad timing though. You
> might want to leave these kinds of jokes to Jay Leno. Maybe we need to have
> some "STL-files-for-peaceful cooperation"?
> It does raise the somewhat interesting question of what kind of 3D files
> should and should not be freely passed around the world. But having said
> that, I don't think there have been any cases (that we know of) where
> sensitive information was conveyed via the STL file format (since it's very
> bad at faithfully representing engineering info). In any case, what Mr.
> Vaezi was asking for seems to be pretty mundane and innocent, though maybe
> not available in the public domain. I wouldn't mind getting a few of these
> kinds of models for experimentation purposes either.
> G. Sachs
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> >Subject: [rp-ml] STL files - for Hezbollah or Iran?
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> >Mohammad Vaezi wrote:
> >
> >sales@mgcorp.ir
> >
> >"Hello for all,
> >I'm in hurry for some complex STL files like engine,Blade,manifold and
> etc
> >for benchmarking of two Different RP machines.any one can support me with
> >some STL of industrial parts,I am waiting for&#133;
> >Regards."
> >
> >Are these files for building rockets for Hezbollah or missiles for the
> >maniacal Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran?
> >
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