[rp-ml] Brock Rooney is not in Iraq

From: <paul.bates_at_reebok.com>
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 17:06:24 EEST

All - Lets refocus here on RP related discussion. I am on the road, stuck
on dialup speeds, and I have not desire to waste time replicating content
best suited for private e-mails.

OK - has anyone heard of or found Brock Rooney? If you know where he is
hiding (witness protection), or have a copy of his obituary, please forward
it to me privately.



All -

I am looking to contact Brock Rooney from Brockware. I have left messages
on his answering machine as well as sending e-mails to his @mich.com
e-mail. Has anyone heard from him and can anyone help me contact him?


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