Re: [rp-ml] algorithm&implementation for STL slicing

From: Adrian Bowyer <>
Date: Fri Aug 18 2006 - 14:15:06 EEST

Quoting Cristina Kadar <>:

> During my online searches I came across this mailing list dedicated
> to RP and it seems a good place to put some questions.
> My name is Cristina Kadar, I am a student of Computer Engineering,
> currently doing an internship in a research institute in Germany.
> They are specialised in laser technologies and in one lab they need
> a software which takes as input an STL file and produces as output
> the 2D pass for the laser beam. My job would be to develop an
> algorithm and implement it (in Visual Basic) for the slicing of the
> 3D objects into the 2D closed surfaces.
> I found some articles in the Rapid Prototyping Journal (e.g.
> by Choi & Kwok; Vogt, Bertsch, Renaud & Bernhard; Tata, Fadel,
> Bagchi & Aziz), but to be onest they are a bit too high level,
> abstract and deal with the some special problems (like adaptive
> slicing) that I don’t need. I am looking for a basic algorithm/
> implementation. Maybe there are some open-source applications
> already?
> It would be great if somebody could point some directions
> for me: online sources, books, something that could guide me in the
> first steps.

The Java source code for the RepRap project has an STL slicer in (and
also a reasonably versatile area-fill algorithm). However, it is still
_very_ pre-release and under development. But it is fully GPLed and

Go to:

and check the

section of the code out of the subversion SourceForge repository.

For details of the rest of the project, start at the second URL below.


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