Re: [rp-ml] algorithm&implementation for STL slicing

From: Gregory Bleiker <>
Date: Sat Aug 19 2006 - 13:33:12 EEST

Hi Cristina

I once wrote some stuff for processing STLs (z-comp). I heavily used the
VTK toolkit (, which can read and write STLs. You
can also slice geometries, however I'm not sure about vectorizing the
output... VTK is great but needs quite a bit of work to get used to and
sometimes is very like black magic (Tip: always call Update() for better
karma). An other good source of algorithms is from David Eberly with really
extraordinary quality.
The bad news is that these are C++ libraries and not ported to .NET (and
thus not to VB.NET). VTK has a commercial COM wrapper tough. To be quite
honest I think VB is a poor choice for this kind of programming, but
please, dear rp-ml list, don't get upset by this statement like the Iran
thing, this is just a personal feeling based upon some experience with
VB and is only meant as a tip.

Greetings & good luck with your work


Cristina Kadar wrote:

> > Dear List,
> >
> > During my online searches I came across this mailing list dedicated to
> > RP and it seems a good place to put some questions.
> >
> > My name is Cristina Kadar, I am a student of Computer Engineering,
> > currently doing an internship in a research institute in Germany. They
> > are specialised in laser technologies and in one lab they need a
> > software which takes as input an STL file and produces as output the
> > 2D pass for the laser beam. My job would be to develop an algorithm
> > and implement it (in Visual Basic) for the slicing of the 3D objects
> > into the 2D closed surfaces.
> > I found some articles in the Rapid Prototyping Journal (e.g. by Choi &
> > Kwok; Vogt, Bertsch, Renaud & Bernhard; Tata, Fadel, Bagchi & Aziz),
> > but to be onest they are a bit too high level, abstract and deal with
> > the some special problems (like adaptive slicing) that I donít need. I
> > am looking for a basic algorithm/ implementation. Maybe there are some
> > open-source applications already?
> > It would be great if somebody could point some directions for me:
> > online sources, books, something that could guide me in the first steps.
> > Thank you! :)
> > Regards,
> > Cristina
> >
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