[rp-ml] Request for help with testing

From: Andrew Graves <agraves_at_totalcsteam.com>
Date: Wed Aug 23 2006 - 22:28:19 EEST

Dear list
We would like to enlist the help of a few members to assist us in the final
testing phase of some new software.

The software is a Remote Monitoring system for SL systems that allows you to
check on the progress of your systems from your desktop or from home etc.
via a web browser, and will be invaluable to anyone who has ever left home
at 10pm to change a platform - only to find that the system won't actually
finish building until midnight! It also tells you if the SL system crashed
The software allows you to accurately predict when to leave home and does
not use web cams or any software running on the SL system itself and no
confidential information is sent over the web. It can also collect certain
readily available log files for remote diagnostic purposes.

We have it running at a number of customer sites but would like to test it
out on some other sites - particularly those with a large number of SL
You can check out the details at:
But in summary, the system runs on a PC connected to your network (it is not
installed on an SLA), MSExcel must be installed and the PC should have
access to the internet to FTP information to a web site. The SL system(s)
must be running Buildstation 5.x

If you are interested in testing the software, there is a link on the web
page to request an evaluation copy.

Andrew Graves
Total C S Team, Inc.

About Total C S Team, Inc.

TCST is a leader in providing support to Rapid Prototyping Users. TCST has
the unique capability to integrate many years of practical application of RP
systems with advanced analytical approaches to provide support to the users
that will gives them a competitive advantage now and in the future.
Through the use of 6 Sigma methodologies, TCST has been able to develop
process controls to proactively monitor processes providing its customers
with cost savings derived by improved efficiency and part quality. This
same methodology has allowed us to work with our partners to develop the
best solutions for RP system upgrades and reliability improvements.

For more information visit the company website at
http://www.totalcsteam.com, or
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