RE: [rp-ml] Desktop Factory

From: Marshall Burns <>
Date: Wed Aug 30 2006 - 08:24:53 EEST

> We have been waiting a long time for one of the big companies to
> surface with plans to make a low-cost machine. Unless Desktop Factory
> Inc. has very deep pockets, I can't see how they can manage.

This company has some of the deepest pockets there are. It was started by
IdeaLab, the incubator of Bill Gross, who raised billions of dollars for a
slew of ventures in the 90s, some of which were very successful, and then
came up short to the tune of $700 million dollars after the market crash a
few years ago. He now seems to be rising from the ashes with some of his pet
projects like this one and Energy Innovations. I can assure you that his
plan allows him to ramp up quickly to high volume production. He has the
connections to either turn this over to an interested acquirer or to take it
public, whichever will yield the best long-term returns. This is not a
company to be underestimated. This machine could do for fabbers what the IBM
PC did for computers.

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