Re: [rp-ml] Desktop Factory

From: steve <>
Date: Thu Aug 31 2006 - 07:00:54 EEST

Sebastien Bailard wrote:
> Hmmm... I'm not sure how people are going to share/monetize the input files.

Well, we don't have to guess - go look at - they are
doing exactly what is needed. In fact, they would be the natural
candidate for this kind of business venture. I presume that many
of their existing models could be fabbed - so there might already
be considered to be 100,000 models sitting out there ready to be
used...although issues of orientation, scaling, support structures
and such might be a problem for many of them.

Anyone can upload their 3D models to TurboSquid - and stick any price
they like onto them (including $0.00). If you charge a price then
half of your earnings goes to TurboSquid and you get the other half
(I think via PayPal).

There is of course the risk that someone would buy a model - then
give it away to all of his friends - but if that was a huge concern
then TurboSquid wouldn't have survived in business for the past 5

> I'd like something like debian or wikipedia. We'll see.

I'm sure that will happen too.
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