Re: [rp-ml] Desktop Factory

From: Adrian Bowyer <>
Date: Thu Aug 31 2006 - 12:36:16 EEST

Quoting steve <>:

> There is a huge difference here though. If a company doesn't want you
> to steal their STL file - they simply won't publish it. The problem
> with music files is that there is no way for them to give you the music
> without giving you the ability to copy it.
> If I buy some gizmo in a store, there is not going to be any easy way
> to replicate it.

Coincidentally, we have a compamy coming to visit us in a couple of
weeks to try to sell us a desktop CT scanner that will give you the
entire 3D internal structure of any object down to about 10^-4 m. It's
a bit expensive at the moment, but then so were RP machines yesterday...

>> And remember: patent law allows private individuals to make a
>> patented object for their own use without royalty. Why pay for what
>> you can have free?
> Is that just UK law? I've never heard of that exception here in the
> USA.

Yes - that's UK law. Actually, I think it may be all of Europe, but
I'm not sure.


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