Re: [rp-ml] Color STL headers

From: Ricardo Amaral <>
Date: Sat Sep 23 2006 - 04:53:45 EEST
Figured out... can't explain but here it goes: Using (VS express 2005) and was reading the headers as binaryreader.readchars(80), then binaryreader .readUint32(). This was messed up reading some 10 chars ahead. Changed to binaryreader.readbytes(80).tostring() and it works now. If someone more experienced could share their wisdom I'd be glad. I fixed it but I don't know what was wrong at first, and this bothers me...

> Hi,
> Newbee - have tried searching the archive but didn't manage to find
> anything that helped. My question Is: I'm writing a small app that
> reads stl files. I thought I got it right until I started reading
> files that where saved as color stl by magics (don't know the
> version). I spent a long time comparing the header (80 bytes char)
> and the number of faces (UInt32) and couldn't find out why I'm not
> getting the right length in the color file. I just read nonsense
> numbers. Any hints?
> TIA for any help,
> Ricardo
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