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Date: Thu Sep 28 2006 - 19:43:41 EEST

5 Reasons Not to Miss the
3DP™ User Group Meeting
October 15-18, 2006
The Biltmore Hotel
Providence, RI
Time is running out to register for the 8th annual Z Corporation User
Group meeting. We are planning our best UGM ever and we encourage you to
attend. Here are some great reasons not to miss this event:
1. Keynote address by Terry Wohlers. Terry, a well known Industry
Consultant and Analyst, will be speaking about the "Great Things to Come
of 3D Printing" and how Z Corporation will play an important role in the
growth and expansion of the industry.
2. Learn all about the new handheld 3D ZScanner 700. Our ZScanner
technical workshop will demonstrate how this portable, easy to use device
is ideal for a variety of applications including Reverse Engineering,
Packaging Design, Ergonomical Design, Digital Archiving, Medical Education
and more.
3. Enhance your part making skills. Our experienced application engineers
will be conducting technical workshops on Advanced Post Processing and
Z-Print/Z-Edit so you can learn all you need to know in order to print the
best possible parts.
4. Interesting User Presentations. Find out how other users in the 3DP
community are using their Z Coporation printers. Applications presented
will include Architecture, Casting, Construction/Civil Engineering and
5. Vendor Fair and Parts Contest. Several vendors will be in attendance
exhibiting and demonstrating their products which are all complementary to
3D Printing. Learn about 3rd party software, hardware, and infiltrants
that can all help your 3DP process. You will also have the opportunity to
win prizes by showing us some of the great parts that you have been
making. Categories being judged include Best Use of Color, Best Detailed
Geometry, Best Functional Part, Best Business Value and Most Spectacular.
All Registration Forms must be received and all hotel arrangements must be
made before
Friday, September 29, 2006
For more information or to register visit
Email: ugm@zcorp.com
or contact Pamela Matos at 781-852-5063
with any questions

Gary Rabinovitz
Z-Corp UGM President
RP Lab Manager
Reebok International LTD.
1895 JW Foster Blvd.
Canton, MA 02021

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