Re: [rp-ml] STL Decimation / Triangle Reductions ?

From: steve <>
Date: Sun Oct 15 2006 - 15:49:25 EEST

Bathsheba Grossman wrote:
> On Sat, 14 Oct 2006, steve wrote:
>> It's hard to beat the price/performance of 'blender' - cost is $0.
> ...of course, you have to not mind the impenetrable interface, and
> it's not really designed to work with gigantic meshes. I.e., crash
> city.

My son learned blender at the age of 12 using only the online guides.
Whilst the user interface is definitely rather 'different' from most
other software packages, I wouldn't describe it as 'impenetrable'.
The problem is mostly for casual or occasional users who pick up the
package to do some small job once a year. If you use it regularly,
it quickly becomes second nature.

We've put what I'd consider to be "enormous" meshes into it without
getting it to crash - and there is no bug listed on their bug tracker
relating to that particular problem. Are you actually sure this is
true for a reasonably recent release or are you passing on FUD from
some software vendor? Because it's OpenSourced software, bugs as
specific as that tend to get fixed very swiftly - so I'm doubtful.
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