Re: [rp-ml] CLI binary format

From: Todd Pederzani <>
Date: Thu Nov 09 2006 - 19:15:16 EET

Cristina Kadar wrote:
> I am looking for the standard binary format of the CLI (Common Layer
> Interface) files. Anybody knows where I can find it online?
> (I found some references to
>, but the link is
> not working).
> <**>
It looks like this is a standard from 1994, if the current batch of
search results are to be believed. It was developed by EARP, and *may*
be the same as this:

> Layer Manufacturing by Oyvind Bjorke, Tapir Publisher, 1992, ISBN:
> 82-519-1125-7.
> EARP document titled Data Exchange For Rapid Prototyping is on the
> Internet.
> Anonymous ftp to The document is available in the Step
> directory as an ASCII file in earp_dataexch.txt and as a
> Word-for-Windows file
> in earp_dataexch.doc.

The FTP link in that brief is dead.

It looks like you may be able to pay for the standard (or works that
reference it). See:

Best of luck.

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