Re: [rp-ml] CAD software for Z Corp Printer

From: Brett Lyons <>
Date: Wed Nov 22 2006 - 03:46:41 EET


We use 3D Studio Max for our realtime VR and RP models, best texturing
availible (IMHO) and good VRML 1 and 2 output. 3Matic and the new
version of Magics have more texturing features I think, and there is
ZPrint (version with 7.4 is more sophisticated).


Brett Lyons
Senior Research Technician, UM3D Lab
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering


> We are looking for 3D design software that can be used to create a colored
> texture model on the Z Corp Printer. If you have used the Z Printer
> for this
> type of application, we would appreciate feedback on what software
> system you
> have used.
> We need a more detailed color capability than the color STL files that can
> be produced using MAGICS software.
> One question that comes out of this investigation is how do you produce a
> water tight file when using some of the file formats that the Z
> Printer can use
> (e.g., VRML).
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