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From: Rachel Park <rachel_at_rapidnews.com>
Date: Mon Dec 11 2006 - 10:59:20 EET

TCT 2007 RM Conference: Call for Papers

The TCT 2007 conference will once again focus on the applications of
Rapid Manufacturing. The organisers of this event would now like to
invite paper submissions for its 2007 programme.

The TCT 2007 conference, which will take place at the prestigious Ricoh
Arena in Coventry 2627th September 2007, will be fully dedicated to
the technologies and business benefits of Rapid Manufacturing the
production of end use parts using Additive Layer Manufacturing
techniques. The 2006 conference programme established that Rapid
Manufacturing is already a reality for a number of companies and, as a
result, awareness and uptake will continue to grow. These trends will
be further reflected at TCT 2007.

TCT would welcome any paper submissions from parties interested in
presenting at the TCT 2007 conference that are utilising RM
technologies at the present time. Papers may be submitted that present
a definitive application of RM focusing on the design issues, business
benefits in terms of time-to-market and financial objectives, material
issues and/or part performance.

All submissions must be non-promotional in content and presented by
companies that are utilising and/or researching the technologies. All
papers will be reviewed by an external committee to ensure that they
meet the necessary and exacting requirements of TCT. No vendor papers
will be accepted from companies that sell machines, materials or
associated services.

Interested parties are initially requested to submit a detailed
abstract of their proposed paper on or before 31st December 06. This
should include the working title, all authors/contributors and their

Please submit all abstracts to Rachel Park via email:


  Abstracts: 31st December
  Draft Paper: 26th March
  Final Paper: 4th June
  Ppt Presentations: 14th September

Rachel Park
TCT Magazine
Email: rachel@rapidnews.com
Web: www.time-compression.com

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