[rp-ml] Strange messages from Lightyear 1.1

From: Ross Nicholls <Ross_at_mnl.co.uk>
Date: Wed Dec 13 2006 - 20:55:59 EET

Hi there I am a long term user of SLA equipment here in the UK.
We have experienced some strange errors whilst trying to load some stl files into Lightyear 1.1.
The files do not load and I get "??????? Triangles are missing in the stl file" where ??????? represents a number dependent on the filesize of the stl file. This is followed by "out of memory". The warnings emerge instantly, and do not correlate to filesize, they are consistent though in the fact that they will reject the same file time and time again. The files are GOOD stl files, which load perfectly fine on a lower spec machine also running Lightyear 1.1
We also get other errors mentioning inconsistencies with triangles, this follows the same pattern.
This problem is really annoying as it rejects almost 50% of the stl files that I am trying to build, and means that the 3000 that I spent on the PC is not giving me much return on my investment at the moment.
The spec is AMD Dual core Opteron 64 running XP Pro with ATI FireGL 5200 graphics card. (We did have a faulty 5100 card which has now been replaced - I was hoping that this problem would go away with the new card but ...)
If anyone can shed any light on this problem I would love to hear your story.
Thank you
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