Re: [rp-ml] 12/19/06 Update for the Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping web site

From: Markus Hitter <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 09:13:37 EET

Am 20.12.2006 um 19:19 schrieb Bo Atkinson:

> Your Rapid Prototyping Software list makes me wonder how difficult
> it is to do justice with short descriptions.

Hopefully, nobody will do purchase decisions based on a few lines of

Many CAD Systems are complex enough to write thick books about them
and even if you read those books, you have to do an in-depth
evaluation of your tasks at hand, too. So, to find a good software,
there is nothing you could exchange for sitting down and trying each
solution, package by package.

My personal strategy is to either use what the customer requires
(avoid data conversion) or to go with simple solutions. The risk of
not having the ideal functionality is something I can handle; the
risk of plunking down a lot of money is no risk at all: the cash is

Once your workflow changes settle down (if they settle at all), it's
easy to watch out for/invest in more specialised tools.

Markus Hitter

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