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Hi Ed,

Thanks for your interesting resource, which I hope to be in a position to
use some day. Just a short point here. Your Rapid Prototyping Software list
makes me wonder how difficult it is to do justice with short descriptions. What
is perhaps too difficult to keep track of is how well each task is performed
in a software, how many clicks, how long does it take between each click, how
good the tech support is, the 'bang for the buck'.

Your description is much too brief about formZ, the software I use, (which
does most everything from point-clouds object generation to solids to smooth
parametric to booleans with mixed geometric entities to metaballs to NURBS to
file-mending to draft-angle to clone-parametric to mesh tools to file
translation to CAI and beyond.)

Bo Atkinson

Dear Bo:
Thanks for your letter and kind words.
I can't say that I disagree with you, but Markus raises a good point. It's
not so easy to describe most of these applications, and to really understand
them no simple description would be sufficient. So, I try to reduce
descriptions to their most fundamental function.
Of course, the approximately 90 software manufacturers listed providing who
knows how many products in the directory have been invited for years to
provide their own individual 50 word descriptions without any cost whatsoever. I
think about 2 or 3 have done so over the years, but that's about it.
All we ask is that they keep their descriptions free of adjectives and
hyperbole. If they can't describe their products without advertising artifice,
we'll even surgically perform the BS-ectomy for them.
Perhaps we ask too much.
Thanks again,

Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co.
_EdGrenda@aol.com_ ( (email)

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