RE: [rp-ml] SLA Resin for Rapid Tooling

From: Brett Lyons (
Date: Wed Jan 03 2007 - 18:43:15 EET


I use ZCorp's material for tooling applications (vacuum bag composite
molding, green sand casting, some thermal spray work etc) and really
like it, but I would be surprised if you could get more than one shot
from such a tool in an injection molding context. If thats what you
have to use maybe could do infiltrate under vacuum with a high temp,
filled resin (but then you might find distortion issues during cure).
But hey, its cheap and fast enough to experiment with...

On a similar note, I sent a plaster-epoxy core box to a green sand
foundry, assuming they would do an air or chem set core in it, but they
tried to make a blown core with it. They got one blown core nicely,
then the box exploded on the second shot (IIRC the core was blown at
2bar and the preheat was something like 200f). You could always make a
positive and pour a tooling resing over it though...


Brett Lyons
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> REL,
> I have been successful with SI-40 for sanopreme. Melt temperature up to
> and not exceeding 500 degrees F. Contact temperature was down around 270
> degrees F. Anything higher than that gave thermo cracking to the SLA
> material. Cycling was around 2 1/2 minutes and I ran the mold cold. For
> you first mold run 4 degrees draft on your mold. Yes, that is allot.
> Good luck and let us know how you make out.
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> Subject: [rp-ml] SLA Resin for Rapid Tooling
> What is the experience of the list members when it comes to SLA resins
> for rapid tooling? What would you recommend for a low pressure
> injection molding application where the injected polymer temperature is
> 350 F.
> Does the ZPrinter material filled with epoxy have a chance at working at
> this temperature?

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