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I did quite a lot on SLA injection mould tools some years ago. I used a
variety of the general purpose resins of the late nineties (e.g. Cibatool
5180) and found they all had similar performance. The key to success was
monitoring tool temperatures (start cold and eject the part before mould
temperatures, especially core features, were approaching the Tg of the SL
material, then cool down to ambient before the next shot). Large draft
angles and frequent application of release agent also helped. I found tool
life was also very dependent on the polymer used and the complexity of the
moulded part.


I can dig out some papers if they are of use, my work was with PP, ABS,
Nylons, and PEEK


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Subject: [rp-ml] SLA Resin for Rapid Tooling


What is the experience of the list members when it comes to SLA resins for
rapid tooling? What would you recommend for a low pressure injection
molding application where the injected polymer temperature is 350 F.


Does the ZPrinter material filled with epoxy have a chance at working at
this temperature?




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