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Date: Sun Jan 14 2007 - 08:58:00 EET

The Altair was little more than a toy. Even the Apple I, compared to
business computers of the day, was little more than a toy.

Marshall Burns
(The site is old and out of date, but maybe still interesting.)

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Sebastien Bailard wrote:

> I'd enjoy hearing what people think of it; I just sent a longish email
> analyzing it to a friend and another mailing list, but I'm a little
> I'm too close to matters to really be objective about it.

The thing that concerns me most about both this - and all of the RepRap
prototypes we've seen so far is that they can't deal with substantial
overhangs. There is always talk of having some kind of support material
but it's not entirely clear to me that any of those proposed will
actually work all that well.

Certainly the Fab@Home thing doesn't seem to have the ability to build
with overhangs - and for me, that makes it little more than an
interesting toy. RepRap has a way to go yet - but I sure hope this
area gets some more attention.

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