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Date: Mon Jan 15 2007 - 16:51:50 EET

That was correct, closed around June, but they reopened around August,
Regards, Bob

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Bob and Doug, the last time I called Associated Al Bacon told me they
were closing the doors. We too have been looking for another source.


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Doug, we have had good success with Associated in your area as well.

Another company that has done nice work for us in the past is on smaller

Dan Griffin -- Artcraft Plating & Finishing Company, Inc. --
818-845-9292 -- Ext

Cheers, Bob Olsen, Protogenic

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Rapid ones,

This has come up in the past, and I have always referred people to
Associated Electroplaters in Hazel Park, MI. But, we are looking for an
alternative to them.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for a supplier for chrome plating



Doug Mitchell
Ford Motor Company Design
Components & Scheduling Dept.

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