[rp-ml] Looking for information about Ramco cleaning station

From: Wehl (m.vries@wehl-partner.com)
Date: Tue Jan 16 2007 - 11:14:41 EET

Dear list,

We are currently looking into the possibility of cleaning
our SLA parts with a Ramco cleaner but still have some
questions pending.
Hopefully someone on this forum can shine a light on
the doubts I have.

1) Would a cleaner that is built for use with TPM also
    work with Isopropanol?
2) If working with TPM, what working temp. is optimal?
   ( Is the temp. adjustable with the unit? )
3) What would be a typical usage of TPM before it
   gets saturated and doesn't clean well anymore?????
4) Can TPM be recycled, or should it just be sent to
   a company that takes care of residuals?

Any more info is highly apreciated!
Thanks in advance,

Mert de Vries

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