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You can find a link to the new technology on 3D Systems website. The
models I've seen are impressive.


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3D Systems introduced it yesterday at the open house. Under $10,000
calling it FLASH. 3D Systems has setup a separate web site but I can't
remember the address something flash. No parts were shown just the
machine. Looked compact about the size of a high-end paper printer.


3D Systems has built a very impressive operation in Rock Hill.


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                Check out


                Anyone know the specifics?



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        See the top of this page:



        Here's the straight poop on it from this quarter's Additive
Fabrication Spy (TM) Newsletter:


        * "3D Systems has had a couple of patent applications published
this period for what might be next-generation photopolymer-based
technology. One describes the use of an endless transparent belt to
provide thin, bubble-free layers of photopolymer at the top of a build
stack. Area-wise exposure is done through the belt using a spatial light
modulator such as a deformable mirror device (DMD). A second patent
application presents methods of increasing the resolution and edge
smoothness parts fabricated with such exposure devices. In addition,
specific photopolymer materials with characteristics which fit the
process are being explored by the company."





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