[rp-ml] Tribute to Wesley Autrey (Subway Hero)

From: Faceto3d@aol.com
Date: Wed Jan 24 2007 - 23:32:40 EET

Earlier this month, we offered a 3D file of Wesley Autrey, the New York
Subway Hero, as a tribute to his heroism. So far, I have heard from one company
that has built the file and was planning to send it to him.
Last evening, George Bush honored Wesley by recognizing him at the State of
the Union Presentation. If you missed it, you can go to YouTube and search
on Wesley Autrey State of the Union.
_faceto3d@aol.com_ (mailto:faceto3d@aol.com)
We did a Google search on "Wesley Autrey" and found that there were more
than 400,000 hits.

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