RE: [rp-ml] RP/RM for assistive technology development, production?

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Date: Wed Jan 31 2007 - 12:18:46 EET

Hi Margaret,

You might want to check out the Helen Hamlyn Research Centre at the RCA
(Royal college of Art) in London (UK), as they, with the support of
RCA's RP centre Rapidform, produce quite a quantity of various devices
and designs for those in need of assisting technologies...

Their web-site is included below:


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Hi, my name is Margaret, and I am pursuing a certification in Assistive
Technology through the California State University at Northridge. As
part of the program, we must complete a plan for a project. I asked
permission to do a research project on the implications of digital
fabrication/manufacturing and rapid prototyping on assistive technology
(AT, products that enable disabled people to perform tasks that might
otherwise be unmanageable due to their disabilities).

I've learned a great deal about the technologies (I'm not a degreed
engineer; I'm from a computer networking/programming background) in the
past few weeks, but wonder if any of you have been involved in studying
or developing using RP/RM for an assistive technology use. I've been
able to find information on its use for prosthetics (usually considered
over the line from AT into medical) and hearing aids. Robert Jaquiss
has kindly discussed his proposed library of tactile graphics for the
blind with me. Areas that struck me as likely candidates for use would
be the production of customized supports and customized tools for the
mobility impaired. I'm also interested in RP/RM as it affects the
development of consumer electronics, because so many assistive devices
today are essentially very specialized consumer electronics with small
potential markets.

Thanking you all in advance for your consideration,

Margaret Rood

Assistive Technology Systems Engineer
Integrated Concepts & Research Corporation (ICRC)
Information Sciences Division
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