RE: [rp-ml] Out Gassing SLAs??

From: Warner, Pat (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2007 - 22:43:21 EET



Not strictly true. Some resins outgas in the machine whilst following
all of the manufacturer guidelines and parameters.





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Subject: RE: [rp-ml] Out Gassing SLAs??




I believe so. Especially with those folks that build for speed and tend
to shortcut the curing in the machine by tweaking parameters.


Steve Stewart



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Subject: [rp-ml] Out Gassing SLAs??

Has anyone out there ever heard of SLA parts out gassing after being
cured? Someone mentioned this to me as a potential issue & frankly I've
never heard anything about it before.

Judy LaBonte
Rapid Prototyping Manager
Vaupell Rapid Solutions


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