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Date: Mon Feb 05 2007 - 19:20:14 EET

Dear Ruth,
Cost of ownership is certainly an important consideration for any RP
technology. EOS sells materials (powders) that are compatible with all
SLS(R) Systems and as someone who is in the sales department at EOS, I can
tell you the price of laser sintering powders vary greatly depending on the
type of powder. Titanium and cobalt chrome powders for medical implants can
cost over $300 per kilogram, while plastic powders can be below $45 per
kilogram. Even within the thermoplastic realm, the price of CarbonMide
(carbon fiber filled PA 12), for example is $129 per kilogram, while the
price of Alumide (aluminum filled PA 12) is $48 per kilogram. Recycle rate
of the materials also plays a large roll in the cost of the material as well
as volume discounts can apply.

As you can see when you have an open platform, the cost of materials depend
on the type of material used.
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  One of our clients is interested in comparing RP Systems on the basis of
material cost. We would like to solicit members of this list to provide us
with the cost of the RP materials that you are using for the following types
of systems.

  3D Systems SLA and SLS Systems
  3D Systems Invision and Invision HR
  3D Systems Thermojet
  Stratasys FDM Systems

  Please provide the cost for both build and support materials where
  Also, tell us if you are buying from the system manufacturer or a third
party supplier.

  Please respond offline.


  For everyone that responds, we will provide a summary report of our

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