RE: [rp-ml] Will nanoparticles revolutionize 3D Printing?

From: Bob Olsen (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2007 - 17:37:54 EET

I have never heard of nano materials being inexpensive. Rather, they
seem to be very expensive, even though typically added in small amounts.

I guess they could drive material price down if they reduce usage or
reject rates, but their main use seems to impart better material
properties, add value, command a higher price.
I think Brock has it right, other innovations drove a lower price.
Cheers, Bob


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Subject: Re: [rp-ml] Will nanoparticles revolutionize 3D Printing?

One application where it looks like this technology could help 3D
printing is in the area of color (e.g. ZCorp printer). As we understand
the Kodak printing approach, the colors are pigment based and provide a
quality level equal to having film developed in the conventional
It would appear to an outside observer that using this printing approach
to provide color for ZPrinter models should provide better colors at a
lower price.

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