Re: [rp-ml] making parts out of slices

From: Todd Pederzani (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2007 - 18:08:57 EET

Xiaoping Qian wrote:
> Does anyone have the capability of building a part from a set of
> slices directly?
> I do not want to convert my slices into an .stl file.
I believe that 3D Lightyear can import slices in the form of SLC files,
so any provider of stereolithography prototypes could load your file if
you have it in that format. However, as far as I know 3D Lightyear is
incapable of generating supports for parts in SLC format. Depending on
geometry, something could be modeled up that could be supported, and
then that support positioned appropriately... It could be a lot of
work. Most RP tools are tailored to working with STL files; what
concerns do you have about converting your slices?

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