[rp-ml] Prices: SLS metal machine, 3D pringting and materials

From: Daimiel Conde, Teresa (tdaimiel@ree.es)
Date: Thu Feb 15 2007 - 10:29:49 EET

Hello to all,

I am a Spanish student and I am preparing with my group a report for a
Master. It consists in creating a little enterprise of rapid
prototyping. For that purpose, we have decided to use a SLS (or SLM if
MCP group) for metals machine and a 3D printer.

Could someone please inform me prices of:

- SLS machine for metals (like EOSINT M 270 or MCP Realizer SLM
or Sinterstation(r) HiQ(tm) SLS(r) of 3D Systems)

- Materials used: like steel, stainless steel, Ti, Co-Cr, etc.

- 3D printers and materials used. We want to use it for
artistic applications so we need beautiful endings and materials and, at
least 400x400x300

Any other information about costs, needs, prices, human resources, etc.
will be also very well received.

Thank you very much



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