Re: [rp-ml] Prices: SLS metal machine, 3D pringting and materials

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Date: Thu Feb 15 2007 - 18:03:13 EET

Hi Teresa,

I can provide some approximate prices for three metal fabrication machines.

EOSINT M 270: Base price of 430,000 euros

MCP SLM Realizer II: 395,000 euros

MCP SLM Realizer 100: 250,000 euros

Most 3D printers offer a relatively small build volume. There are two exceptions: Z Corp. offers the Z810 system that builds parts up to 400 x 500 x 600 mm in size. It uses plaster and ceramic-based materials and is priced at $180,000. Voxeljet of Germany has the new VX800 machine that produces parts as large as 850 x 450 x 500 mm in PMMA. It is priced at about 530,000 euros. Voxeljet is a sublicensee of Z Corp.'s 3DP powder/binder technology. ProMetal offers large machines that use jetting technology (similar to the other two machines), but they are not really considered 3D printers. The large ProMetal systems (S-Print and S15) print liquid binder onto foundry sand to produce molds and cores for sand castings.

If you choose to publish any of this information, please note that it was taken from Wohlers Report 2006.



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  Hello to all,

  I am a Spanish student and I am preparing with my group a report for a Master. It consists in creating a little enterprise of rapid prototyping. For that purpose, we have decided to use a SLS (or SLM if MCP group) for metals machine and a 3D printer.

  Could someone please inform me prices of:

  - SLS machine for metals (like EOSINT M 270 or MCP Realizer SLM or Sinterstation® HiQT SLS® of 3D Systems)

  - Materials used: like steel, stainless steel, Ti, Co-Cr, etc.

  - 3D printers and materials used. We want to use it for artistic applications so we need beautiful endings and materials and, at least 400x400x300

  Any other information about costs, needs, prices, human resources, etc. will be also very well received.

  Thank you very much


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